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Introduction of research and development center

R&d center is our company professional technology research and development and analysis of testing institutions, founded in 1992 by a merger of technology research and development center and laboratory, and now the "comprehensive utilization of gold resource in henan province key laboratory", in 2012, together with the Chinese academy of engineering ding-fan qiu has formed a "comprehensive recycling of gold concentrate in henan province academician workstation". Existing professional and technical personnel 80, 12 people, including 1, Dr., master's degree of 25 people, senior engineer 1, the chief engineer 1, deputy director of the project 3, 14 senior engineers and senior technicians 40. Has 4500 square meters of modern laboratory, fixed assets of two hundred million yuan, complete supporting facilities, with advanced non-ferrous resources technology research and development and analysis of test conditions.
Research and development center for company ? copper concentrate

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